In-floor Heating

With a floor heating system installed by The Tile Guys, you will be able to walk comfortably on warm floors throughout your home. While radiant floor heating has become popular in new construction, it is also a viable option for remodels and upgrades. We provide floor heating installation services because they are in popular demand in the Kalispell, MT community and surrounding areas.

In-floor heating is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods for heating your home. Radiant floor heating is a more efficient and healthier form of heating a home than a forced air system. Heat rising from the subfloor level warms everything in a room. In-floor heating is a flexible choice for those looking for a convenient heating solution, and The Tile Guys is happy to help with your installation!

The Tile Guys are certified Schluter Systems installers. We will coordinate different aspects of the installation process as we make your vision a reality. Over the past 15 years, we have worked with many designers, contractors, and property owners in refining our craft.

We can even help with floor heating system maintenance to ensure that your heating solution works the way it should whenever you need it to! The Tile Guys are a popular choice for those needing repair or diagnostic services on their in-floor heating. We would be more than happy to give you a quote or provide assistance with system replacement or system repair. We have experience troubleshooting all kinds of problems, and we are confident that we can solve your problem for much less than some of our competitors would charge!

At The Tile Guys, we are proud to provide in-floor heating in Kalispell, MT, and surrounding areas, Call today for a free consultation and see why we have a reputation for superior quality work.

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